"Hips & Hipster" was invented in the usual New Orleans fashion; over drinks at a local dive bar.

         From these simple sketches, the characters now come to life with the voice talents of our friends and neighbors, trying to solve mysteries and crimes in our beloved, crumbling, sinking city   . . .  one drink at a time.

Q: Who made dat cartoon?

A: Two guys named CHRIS & MARK

        "Hips & Hipster" was created by Chris Holt who together with his "semi" brother-in-law Mark de Sousa have worked endless hours to bring the exploits of these drunken crime fighters to the internet. Cheers!

"Solving crime . . .  one drink at a time."

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"So an artist walked into a bar . . . "

© 2014 Hips and Hipster LLC

© 2014 Hips and Hipster LLC