"Solving crime . . .  one drink at a time."

    "Hips & Hipster" is an animated short series about a detective agency run by an inebriated

southern belle, an intellectual crossdresser

and a society hating hipster.

A former debutante from a previously wealthy Uptown family who now owns the detective agency. She loves a good breakfast martini and never forgets where she came from, no matter how hard she tries.




"I'm fresh out of gin."

"Oh look! A 2nd line!"

"Society sucks, man."

Book-smart, well traveled and looks great in heels.

When there is a mystery or crime to solve, Hips uses his magic

abilities to change into a dress and becomes instantly more intelligent. Also a big fan of beer.

An emotionless, self absorbed street musician by night, he helps out with the crime solving during the day as he fights yet another hangover. He was hired solely based on the fact he still has a valid driver's license.


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